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The Julius Report: A Coup D’état at March Mayhem
The weather hasn’t been the only thing changing here in Northeast PA. PPW has been spiraling towards anarchy for the past several months, and at March Mayhem its descent into chaos was rendered complete. At March Mayhem, “Super Agent” Belles shocked the PPW community when he marched into the ring and declared himself the new
The Julius Report: March Mayhem
The upcoming March Mayhem show is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated PPW events in the company’s history. A recent bombshell announcement dropped by Ryan Race on March 3, 2014 states that Tommy Suede will have to face an opponent chosen by the PPW fan base. This decision came when Tommy Suede
The Julius Report: AJ Styles comes to PPW
Former TNA Superstar AJ Styles came to Freeland,PA this Sunday to challenge Tommy Suede for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. The match was sanctioned last month at PPW: Redemption by Commissioner Ryan Race and provided Tommy Suede with his most challenging opponent to date.  PPW Champion Tommy Suede makes his entrance against AJ Styles Suede won

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